cosy House "By Hermitage" in the heart of St.Petersburg

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Дом "У Эрмитажа"

  • Parking in the hotel courtyard

    Are you going to travel by car? It’s a big problem today to park your car in the center of megalopolis. We take care of our guests: you can be calm while your staying in the hotel "By The Hermitage». Guests of the hotel can enjoy free parking in the yard.

  • A high speed wi-fi access from every point in hotel

    We give you a completely free Wi-Fi, without any restrictions 24 hours a day. You can easily check your mail, send and receive photos, watch online video and find out the weather in any city. Herewith you can stay at this moment in your room or in another place of our hotel. A quantity of parking places is limited.

  • A cozy atmosphere like at own home

    In the hotel “By the Hermitage” you will find an atmosphere of comfort. Professional and friendly staff will do everything to make clients feel like at home. It’s important for us to leave you only positive emotions and an excellent mood.

  • Location in the heart of the city

    When you choose our Hous, you choose accommodation in the center of the circle of architectural monuments such as: the Kazan Cathedral, the Hermitage museum, the St. Isaac's Cathedral, the Admiralty, the Palace square, the Savior on the Blood Church. It’s so pleasant to walk along the grand Petersburg in any time without a long and tiring trip in transport.

Moika Embankment, 42 history of our building

We are located in a historic building. This is a place that holds memories of the best years of the life of famous historical figures.

In the first third of the XVIII century here was the Chief of police Office. In 1870 area had bought rich industrialist Ludwig Nobel (he was a brother of a famous Alfred Nobel, who had founded a Nobel Prize).

In April 1891 here was opened the second telephone station in St.Petersburg. The station maintained 3000 of subscribers. On it’s base was set up Central negotiating telephone station between Petersburg and Moscow.

The history of this building is truly rich and attractive from a cultural point of view. In this area reigns the atmosphere of Pushkin, bohemian and aristocratic Petersburg. The best example of this is located at the intersection of Nevsky Prospekt and the Moika river embankment, Literary Cafe opened in confectionery Wolf and Beranger. This place enjoyed visiting many Petersburg writers.
House "By Hermitage" will certainly help you to feel the true spirit of St. Petersburg.

About us what we offer

We are located near the greatest cultural and historical museum in Russia and in the whole world – the Hermitage museum.

The location on the intersection of Nevsky prospect and Moika Embankment gives an opportunity to admire the architectural beauties and to walk through the central sightseeings of Saint-Petersburg. Also in warm weather you can observe the rise of bridges – the most famous symbols of SPB – which are not very far from us.

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